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Add Game

You first need to expand the add a game menu. Click the plus sign next to the "Add New Game" menu. If javascript is disabled this menu will already be open.

Next you need to input some information. You need to enter a Game name, an order Id (to define how the game should be ordered, a short description of the game (it is recommended you keep this short as it could make the layout seem less fluid if the name is too long). Next you need to enter a width and height for the game... This is important! To keep the design looking good, it is recommended you do not have a width above 440px. Next select a category (if you haven't created a category you will only be able to put it in "Other Games". Finally, select an image and a SWF file for the game (you will need to have uploaded these), and then choose whether or not you would like the game to be visible.

To finish, click "Add Game". Your game should then be added to the database.


Upload a File

The upload file menu is the second menu down. There are two sections, upload SWF file and upload Image file.
The upload process is very simple. Choose the type of file you want to upload and then click the browse button in the relevant section. Find the file and then click the "Upload" button. You will be given a message telling you if the upload worked or not. The file will then be added to the list of Images/SWF's (depending on what kind of file you uploaded). Please note that there are limitations on file type:

SWF Files *.swf

Image Files
*.jpg, *.gif, *.png, *.bmp